About Us

Marty & Pat’s Frame Shoppe & Art Gallery

We provide quality services for our valuable customers.


Pat and Marty Cipolla started the mom-and-pop art gallery to not only display art but to offer premiere services for artists and their work. Our location offers a full-service custom picture frame service for over 30 years! Besides our standard framing services, we have also developed a national reputation for finding unusual techniques. From 75-sided multi-angle frames to mat designs with company logos and elaborate decorations, we can do it all. Our experience has gained us a national reputation and earned us national awards in both framing and matting
The Professional Picture Framers Association has certified our framers and they proudly carry the CPF title. We offer conservation quality materials to protect your valuable art from the environment. We have talented staff on-site, including a needlework-framing specialist. We also offer on-site consultation, free pick-up, and quick delivery for corporate clients in our area. Marty & Pat’s Frame Shoppe & Art Gallery contains an art gallery and a gift shop, in the glamours “Bricks” culture hub of Fort Worth, TX.

Our Commitment

  • Family is the fundamental foundation of the community. 
  • To us, honesty is always the best policy. 
  • We recognize the importance of sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We strive to support the arts, new artists, and child artists.
  • We believe in helping those less fortunate. 
  • We are committed to building strong communities.
  • We support innovation and excellence.